Advanced Clincal Integration I - Module V


Course at the Heimathaus Sittensen, Northern Germany

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The Speakers and Their Topics:

  • Diagnosing Neurological Disease in the Horse: Equine Neurological Examination and Cases.
    Dr. Nadine Blum, Germany
  • Pain Management in Companion Animals
    Prof. Sabine Kästner, University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover, Germany
  • Neurophysiology of Micturation
    Dr. Carl DeStefano, D.C, Health Pioneers, USA
  • Protecting Your Body: Common Problems and Mistakes in Hand and Body Positioning
    Dr. Donald Moffatt, DVM, IAVC, Germany
  • Mc Timmony Technique: Contrasting and Comparing
    Olivia Jones, D.C., England, D.C., England
  • Vertebral Malformations Coming into Fashion: Chiropractic Care of French Bulldogs
    Dr. Sybil Moffatt, DVM, IAVC, Germany
  • Myofacial Kinetic Lines in Horses: A new functional concept of the “whole horse – approach”
    Dr. Vibeke S.Elbrønd, PhD, DVM University of Copenhagen Denmark
  • The Mystery of Shivering Revealed
    Kirstin Becker, DVM, Germany


As well as: Case presentations, Laboratory Sessions:

Technique Tips, Clinical Sharing and Case Work-ups.


If you have topic suggestions, presentations, or expertise you would like to share at an Advanced Module, please let us know!

Remember, if you are working toward Advanced Certification, you must present a case study at one of the modules.  Also, we are always looking for chiropractors and veterinarians to discuss “their” practice “style” or experience. Please contact us to schedule any of the above.This is the fifth of six modules in Advanced Animal Chiropractic series.  Although composed of six modules, these six can be attended at any time and in any order. They can be taken independently, or as part of the Advanced Animal Chiropractic Certification offered by the IAVC.  Any module can be attended at the International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic, Germany.

Advanced certification consists of attending 6 modules, a case presentation, as well as submission of a research paper.

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